Granite Transformations Breakup

Canvas Films collaborated with Granite Transformations to produce this successful lead generation DRTV campaign. In this spot, Canvas Films exceeded Granite Transformations’ expectations with the astonishing results.

Our dedicated production crew built the entire kitchen used in this DRTV short form infomercial with our art director and set designers. Canvas Films strategically used the cabinets and countertops to demonstrate Granite Transformations’ unique resurfacing process. We captured the transformation of an outdated kitchen in scene one, to the tasteful Granite Transformations kitchen in the final scene.

With Canvas Films, Granite Transformations easily showed how they place new countertops directly over existing ones with no messy demolitions or installations. The Granite Transformations “Call Now” strategy included a free in-home design consultation, which viewers could not resist. Thanks to Canvas Films’ award-winning video production services, Granite Transformations increased their lead generation DRTV campaign.

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