SonoBello TriSculpt

Canvas Films successfully improved SonoBello’s market share with this long form direct response ad. We introduced the company to the new markets they were expanding into. Starting from scratch, Canvas Films developed the script, casted the host and testimonials, scouted and secured shooting locations, organized and shot multiple shoots in both Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles, all in under two months.

As always, Canvas’ support crew was extremely professional. Our full complement of grip and lighting packages along with art direction and set design staged the perfect look for the production.

Working closely with the client, we ensured that all of SonoBello’s selling points were captured. Canvas Films ensures that every minute is targeted to create awareness for your brand, build excitement, and elicit a response. The testimonials we provide are also authentic and captivating, as you can see in SonoBello’s Trisculpt long form direct response ad. Thanks to Canvas Films, SonoBello was able to grow their market share and open new centers.

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