Xtrands 120

As Hair Club continually develops and expands their hair loss solutions, they work with Canvas Films, one of the leading DRTV production companies in America. Canvas Films worked hand-in-hand with the experts at Hair Club to market their newest product, Xtrands, delivering various creative concepts for different spots, all with a clear and concise message that has made Xtrands a success!

In our full-service facility, we created a chic bathroom set where we captured the compelling testimonials. Another one of the unique aspects of the commercial is the compilation of over twelve hours of time-lapse footage using four different models to demonstrate the Xtrands procedure. With that said, we incorporated Xtrands CTAs (Calls-to-Action) smoothly into the testimonials, emphasizing Xtrands’ top-rated features.

At Canvas Films DRTV production company, our proficient team of 3D animators made the graphics Hair Club needed to show the inner workings of their product. For Xtrands, the hair follicle animation contributed to the credibility of the technology behind the Xtrands technique. There’s nothing more impressive than seeing exactly how the product will provide a solution for hair loss.

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