We’ve all seen them, the thirty-minute shows that describe a product or service. Sometimes introduced by a host, sometimes carried on by narrations, the long form DRTV campaigns have the longest available time to present compelling testimonials and their real stories. Both short form and long form types of direct response television have their own advantages. As far as long form goes, there are five essential benefits it can offer a DRTV campaign.

#1 Tell More/ Sell More:
It should come as no surprise that longer airtimes equals higher conversions. It gives your company more time to showcase the value proposition. Long form DRTV explicitly covers all the great benefits of the solution you are providing. Every viewer is bound to have objections early on and the long form offers more time to cover the typical objections with powerful counterpoints. Through educating your consumers, you are fighting half the battle with valuable information they need to make a purchase decision.
#2 Authentic Storytelling Testimonials
With long form infomercials, you have time to gather more than one testimonial to really captivate your audience. At Canvas Films DRTV agency, we prescreen every testimonial and choose the most authentic ones, so you don’t have to. We coordinate the entire process of scheduling each testimonial, seeing when they can come in the studio, and guiding them through the interview process. In this way, we ensure that all the testimonials are thorough in engaging your audience.
Long form DRTV allows us to dedicate enough time to each interview so that the audience gets the whole story. The use of genuine, positive customer feedback fosters an emotional connection with the viewers. By capturing the real reactions of the product critics, the audience empathizes with the success of the product. It’s amazing what hearing someone else’s real success can do for your company’s lead generation.
#3 Generate Direct Sales
After watching 28.5 minutes of information about your product, your audience has learned all they need to know about how it works. If they have any more questions, they will give you a call.
The customers that call will be pre-educated and far more interested than the usual viewer. The typical audience member will tune in for a minute and change the channel. However, if a spectator has purposely stayed for more than a minute watching your long form direct response ad, then the viewer is more interested in your company than your average TV-watcher.
What this means is: more conversions for your business. Thanks to the highly qualified leads and depending on what your conversion metrics are, more conversions equal more direct sales.
#4 Increase ROI accountability
With long form DRTV, Canvas Films can track every minute to determine optimal ad performance. We create a comprehensive report comparing media placement, time of day, week, and customer calls. We record in-depth analytics that tell us the Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) per minute and your cost-per-acquisition. These are important statistics for adapting your campaign to what works. If your calls-to-action aren’t succeeding, this is where we determine which CTA’s are converting and which aren’t.
#5 Proven Success Model
The long form infomercial is a proven success model. The traditional problem-solution model is expanded here, with more emphasis on each step.
From start to finish, long form DRTV is remarkably effective in generating direct responses. For starters, our award-winning teams of scriptwriters draft the creative concept with you. We know which concept would best suit your needs and which CTAs should be used for the highest-success rates.
After the strategy is underway, we coordinate the testimonial shoots and prescreen every face we can choose from. We select only the most compelling interviews for the in-depth video shoot. The production is taken care of in our state-of-the-art facility where sets are constructed to suit the needs of the infomercial. Next, our post-production team uses the latest 3D animation and color correction suites for the most professional outcome. Once production is complete, we determine the best media placement and spending for testing your long form DRTV campaign. This media testing is conducive to whether your campaign will rollout. Canvas Films has decades of experience rolling out successful campaigns. With our proven methods, we can work with you to create a long DRTV infomercial that will offer positive returns on your investment.

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